Challenges and Goals 2018-2019

St. David’s Episcopal Church, Bean Blossom, Indiana


  1. Setting and honoring boundaries, with particular emphasis on building trust and respect between the congregation and the priest.
  2. Continuing to be intentional in healing from past abandonment and broken relationships, building on the healing conversations and work we have begun as a congregation, to ensure we don’t allow past wounds to interfere with our developing a positive, trusting relationship with our new leader.
  3. Within the Episcopal Church’s hierarchical system, fostering a sense of inclusion and consensus in our parish community that draws from many church traditions.
  4. Fostering regular and transparent communication in our small parish so we can support effective interaction and functioning and guard against rumors and miscommunication.


  1. To engage with God through creative worship, where strong preaching, liturgy, and music create a “thin place” where we may experience the divine.
  2. To continue to be an energized, excited, diverse, and welcoming community, known for its sense of humor. We want to continue to operate as one body, supporting and caring for each other, experiencing and exhibiting love, experiencing and accepting mystery and paradox, and benefiting from strong and appropriate pastoral care with our priest.  
  3. To be in ongoing leadership development that deepens our relationship with the Bishop and Diocese, managing conflicts wherever they arise, providing succession planning, and supporting those in leadership positions to avoid burnout.   
  4. To maintain and support mission outreach that grows from introspection and prayer, and that is relevant and active.   
  5. To grow in spirituality and in numbers, so we may maximize the fiscal and human resources that will help grow God’s kingdom in Brown County and beyond.