St. David’s Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held (via zoom) on Sunday, January 31st directly following the worship service. Please email the reports you wish to be included as part of the meeting to Jean Brown at no later than January 18th.
Thank you!


It’s time for another St. David’s newsletter!  This one will be for Lent.  I am sure we are all hopeful for a better year and a happy spring.  Send your news, plans, stories, poems and recipes to Jane Herr (email, phone, snail mail) Deadline for news is Sunday February 7, 2021. Thank you!
Jane Herr

Treasurer’s Email Address

Ralph Linscott and Bob Westbrook, St David’s Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, have asked us to please send any emails that relate to their positions as St. David’s Treasurers to  rather than their personal email accounts.  This includes any pledges, receipts, requests for reimbursement, or inquiries. Thank you!

Online and snail mail giving/pledges

The Diocese is processing Online Gifts to Congregations at No Cost. Submit your pledge through the diocesan website. While congregations are not meeting in person, the bishop’s office will process online gifts on behalf of congregations, and will absorb all payment processing fees. Every dollar of a contribution will go to the congregation. Use this link to make contributions directly to St. David’s:

If you prefer to mail a check to St. David’s, please mail to: St. David’s Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 1798, Nashville, IN  47448. Please note that checks will not be deposited for two weeks. Thank you!