What We Believe

We believe first and foremost that we can best come to know God, our creator, through a relationship with his son, Jesus Christ.

The clearest statements of what we believe are to be found in The Apostle’s Creed and The Nicene Creed. These 2,000-year-old creeds (short statements of faith) are held to be true by billions of people around the world today. Beyond that, the best place to learn what Episcopalians believe is the Bible, which is the source of our theology, and the Book of Common Prayer (BCP). The BCP is not only the guide to our conduct of worship, but it is also articulates our theology.

Christian Formation

The term “Christian formation” differs somewhat from the older and more common term “Christian education.” Traditional Christian Education has been primarily programmatic in character. The responsibilities had to do with reviewing and buying curricula, recruiting teachers, and scheduling events for assorted age groups. By contrast, the Christian formation approach is based on an understanding that each one of us, as well as our parish as a whole, is engaged in a lifelong process of learning, reflection, and change. It asks “What resources, events, and experiences support and encourage that process?”

With this question in mind, Saint David’s tries to schedule a variety of events and discussions for its members and for the community at large. This has included confirmation preparation and children’s Christian education when needed, and the maintenance of a small library. It has also included, or will include, book and study groups, guest speakers, meeting with members of different religions to better understand their faiths, and symposia on “end of life” planning.