Altar Guild

Working behind the scenes, the Altar Guild members spend much time and devotion preparing the church for worship. A small group of eight women work each week to prepare communion. This involves many things too numerous to detail here. Just a few of the tasks are preparing elements for Communion, displaying seasonal liturgical colors, providing flowers, upkeep of the baptismal font and keeping linens in good order. There is a person who bakes the Communion Bread and special provisions are made for folks who need gluten free wafers.

Besides weekly duties, the Guild does preparation for Advent, the Greening of the church for Christmas, special decorations for Easter and other special services.

The Altar Guild always welcomes new members – both women and men! Training is available, too.

If you wish further information, please contact the church office or Phyllis Sindlinger.

Readers (Lectors)

Lectors are members of the congregation who participate in the reading of the lessons and leading the Prayers of the People at the Sunday morning services and at other special services. Lectors can be anyone who can read in a clear manner that can be understood by the congregation, has a desire to participate in this ministry and has the approval of the clergy. Lectors attend an initial training session and special sessions held once or twice a year. Being a lector is also the first step towards becoming a Eucharistic minister.

Eucharistic Ministers

A Eucharistic Minister is a layperson authorized to administer the Consecrated Elements (the bread and the wine) at a Celebration of Holy Eucharist. Confirmed communicants in good standing may be licensed by the diocese to serve as Eucharistic Ministers. At St. David’s, our Eucharistic Ministers participate in the reading of the lessons, the prayers of the people and in the serving of the chalice during the Eucharist. They serve at the Sunday morning services, the Celtic Service (offered in Advent), and at other special services during the year.

Persons interested in being a Eucharistic Minister must get permission from the Rector. The Eucharistic Ministers are required to attend a training course.

Being a Eucharistic Minister is a rewarding experience. The Eucharistic ministers work closely with the clergy to assure that all parts of each service run smoothly and with dignity. Eucharistic Ministers may receive further training to become a licensed Eucharistic Visitor, someone licensed to take the Holy Eucharist to persons unable to attend church.

Eucharistic Visitors

A Eucharistic Visitor visits persons at home or care facilities who are unable to attend church. These visits may or may not include taking communion to the person being visited. St. David’s has many people who would like to receive an occasional visit from a church member; to have someone show them some attention, to learn about what is going on at the church, or perhaps just to share a prayer or some quiet time together. Eucharistic Visitors are also authorized to take communion from a Sunday service to members at their home. Those interested in becoming a Eucharistic Visitor should speak with the Rector.