A Saint David’s Welcome!

We will make you feel welcome here, just as we were welcomed. We come from many backgrounds, each with our own story, our own path to St. David’s. You’ll find Indiana natives, people who came to IU and stayed, and some who moved to Brown County for the beauty of the place.

Our spiritual roots are diverse. You’ll find born Episcopalians, members of other Christian denominations, some from other faiths, and some who simply call themselves “spiritual.” Some of us hadn’t been inside a church in years; some never expected to join a church. But we share in common a deep gratitude for what brought us here.

We’re relaxed and informal. We dress up or down. We can be serious and humorous. We enjoy each other’s company, share our stories, value our differences, and listen well. We make a difference in each other’s lives.

We agree there’s no “one right way” to worship. We come together to share the beauty of the Episcopal liturgy, to be inspired by music, to pray, and to learn. Our worship is spiritual and practical. We share our love in service to the local community, and in outreach to our neighbors abroad.

We see God in others and nurture God in ourselves.

Whoever you are, whatever your background, we would love to see you here.

St. David’s Events

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